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the rolling release adventure: manjaro, sabayon und back to fedora

First of all, once a while I enjoy digging deep into a linux version. So I decided to use the free time before my wedding to burry my head in linux and the command line.

Recently I found a site about the best distros 2013 so far and read about the upcoming rolling releases of manjaro and sabayon.

A rolling release is something nice and after being stuck with kdenlive in an old version with no functional support for slow motion I considered it to be something nice always ahead with updates.

Well, both manjaro and sabayon worked fine as a live cd,
but installed they turned into hell.


I will never buy a laptop with ATI again - it just sucks.

Manjaro is very young and talked about as a light arch linux,
but it was everything but light, and the wiki or help pages were very thin,
same goes for community support: read the wiki.... do more reading.. blablabla.

Sabayon is a gentle approach of bringing gentoo to the masses,
and it was nice to try it, seems very p…

Grey Tit in slow motion with AviDemux and OpenShot

Yesterday our new camcorder arrived, mainly bought for our wedding and "broadcasting" some stuff to either my father and Jenny's family.

The quality is great and definitely better than with my NIKON P300 and I think the main part of the camcorder is the processor and the ability to save large numerbs of megabytes to the flash card.

Here my first attempt (pardon my pronounciation):

At dusk I used my tripod to film our Grey Tit nesting box outside my grandfather gave us. The first attempt was ok but then I tried it a bit nearer and got some nice shots.

Slow motion with linux was trickier than I thought:

cut the big 2 GB file with avidemux (qt) in piecesjoint them again with avidemux [very fast]then tried kdenlive, but slow motion is broken [fedora 17 though]did it with openshot by the property dialoghad to adjust the length again with the "resize tool"then rendered it not for youtube, but as mp4 in HD 720p 30 fps

The camcorder is fun!

some trouble with rails, capistrano and git

Firstly I had to adjust the HEAD of my bare repo with some brute force like:

git push --force origin 688ec48e36b747b3820d55925268f51978be96d0:master

After my server bare repo was up-to-date again I could go for a closer look at capistrano and deploying my rails app.

Do this on your server to get some idea of the problem:

tail -n 30 log/production.log

It will give you the latest 30 lines of log output.

For me it were two things:
precompiling did not work:

I had to have a closer look at my deploy.rb etc and found some big mistakes of mine. I precompiled everything and some was already done so it had e.g. sass variables and the compiler collapsed.
Just try this to see if you app runs fine:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile --trace
my server app just had empty sqlite3 files so my migration did not work:

Log into your server and have a look or do some migrations manually.
I read this and changed my deploy.rb file so cap deploy:migrate is run everytime:

capistrano guide