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Messer selber machen

Bevor hier jemand meckert oder zu gleichgültig an die Sache herangeht:
Messer machen ist eine Kunst, die sehr viel Wissen und Erfahrung beinhaltet.

Ein Resultat dieser Kunst ist die Weisheit, dass man Messer nur auf Wasser- oder Ölsteinen schärfen sollte.

Warum? Der Messerstahl darf nicht zu heiss werden, da er dann wieder weich wird und beim Schneiden schnell an Schärfe verliert.

Daher ist es ratsam sich helfen zu lassen, denn ansonsten bezahlt man viel Geld für Ofen, Hammer, Amboss, Schleifgeräte usw. und endet dennoch mit Müll.

Schmieden wollte ich schon seit längerem, aber der Materialaufwand ist mir zu hoch. Aber letztens ersteigerte ich mir zwei 100 Jahre alte Kochmesserrohlinge von Sabatier (aus den USA!), für die ich Griffe bauen muss.

Nachdem ich diese Hürde genommen habe, werde ich irgendwann folgendes versuchen:

Stahl kaufen: Schwedenstahl bei Dictum
(rostender Stahl wird schärfer, und ist leicht schärfbar)Messer bearbeiten, wobei Hitzeeinwirkung keine Rolle spielt, denn.....…

Stream your media to your DLNA device e.g. tv with miniDLNA on a linux machine

Recently we bought a Sony Bravia LED TV with the possibility to receive streams.
It can read DLNA, which is not much, so dont fall for the certificate.
DLNA means it can read MPEG-I/II and some other normal stuff.
Luckily the Sony Bravia can read mkv and x256 and some other codecs.
And this is something the sells people and adverbs dont tell you, so be warned not to trust the DLNA-Certificate too much, the device has to decode the media in the end.

Anyway i set up miniDLNA on my laptop and now I am able to stream my media to the television. Although the process did not go that well.

The problem was miniDLNA was breaking down all the time. And checking it by reading the logs etc revealed permission issues.

I had to start miniDLNA as the user my files belonged to. BUT I did not use the user setting in the minidlna.conf instead I just started the daemon as the user.
I could have done this with a startup script, but there were some issues with the network being set up at the same time etc…

Ripping a CD on linux via the command line - which even works for "funny" CDs

Recently I installed a car radio with a USB slot, so I wanted to take some of my music to the car.

Since I have about 500< CDs you see the need for storing them as mp3s I hope.
And by law I am allowed to do so, but some companies make it difficult to do so.

Normally I ripped with k3b, but the settings always disappear, and I switched to KAudioCreator (grip etc did not work), but even there its funny sometimes.

These three commands will rip any CD:
show CD content: sudo cdparanoia -vsQ rip to the harddrive (mkdir first!): sudo cdparanoia -Bconvert to mp3: for f in *.wav; do lame --vbr-new -V 3  "$f" "${f%.wav}.mp3"; donenow I used KTagEditor for processing the id3 tag manually But I will try the tool "ripit" for now, it looks promissing.

PS: actually, you should use ripit (on linux) because it uses cdparanioa as well as lame with CDDB queries. One command, some YES to CDDB choices and the cd is ripped.

Almost perfect mail server: postfix - dovecot - postgresql -- with virtual mail boxes and SSL

Its a long time ago I had enough time to set up my mail server, so I will summarize my steps, or better: my problems:

[on debian 7]
install postfixinstall postfixadmininstall postgresqlmake them work together as they all should use virtual usersinstall dovecot and make it the default SSL handler for postfix, main.cf master.cf etc. Well, this is bull because its of no help to anyone, the devil resides in the details:

postfixadmin sets up the databasepostfix should use queries for to look for mails in the database,
so virtual_mailboxes etc have to be set updovecot should be the MDA for the MTA postfix dovecot and postfixadmin should use a simple and same encryption,
because both look into the database;
is this step is done (and it took me a while, CRAM-MD5?) you can set up mailboxes via the web interface postfixadmin